Pure Water Solutions for Industry

Deionised / Demineralised / Highly Purified Water


Pure Water Supply

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  • Our site is equipped to produce water 24/7 and adheres to strict quality control measurements.
  • Our water is produced specifically for the purpose of providing our clients with a quality supply and not as a by product of an industrial purpose.
  • Our RO system produces water to 1.3 microsiemens consistantly.
  • We offer different shipping options to suit your requirements.
  • Our sales team to  tailor your order and ask if we can provide solutions to your water requirements in the long term

Pure Water Generators

Ever considered renting a system to deionise your own water supply?

  • At Fluid Science, we have over 20 years of experience in designing/building/installing and servicing pure water generators.
  • Our machines are built in house at our manufacturing site in Knowsley, Merseyside.
  • We offer a range of standard systems with a quick lead time for installation.
  • Our standard systems are different to other industry products in that we incorporate reverse osmosis technology with a water storage unit.
  • Our generators produce high quality pure water and can store from 200L to 10,000L per day with as cost as low as 1p per litre!


Fluid Science supplies Highly Purified Water, Deionised Water, Demineralized Water to our ever expanding customer database consisting of Dental Surgeries, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Testing Laboratories, Printing Companies, Critical Cleaning, Industry, Science based organizations and many more.


Our products and systems achieve water purity at EP grade standard.

EP Grade Water has Conductivity of less than 5.1 microsiemens, Nitrates of less than 0.2 ppm, Heavy Metals of less than 0.1 ppm, TVC of less than 100, Chlorides of less than 70 ppm, Sulphates of less than 250 ppm, pH between 5-8, Residue on Evaporation of less than 100 ppm and it passes the Oxidisable Substances Test. 

The grade of water known as EP Water is recognised worldwide and has many applications including product testing, analytical work and manufacturing.  Many companies specify the use of EP Water in their processes to ensure that a specific level of quality is adhered to, particularly where unwanted trace elements or minerals could affect the outcome. 


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